The United States Postal Services also known as the post office, U.S. Mail, Postal Services, often abbreviated as USPS, is an independent agency of the united states of government. It is one of the most famous government organisation and the responsible for providing the postal service in United States.

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The USPS is the operator of the larger civilian vehicle fleet in the world and legally obligated to serve all Americans, regardless of geography at uniform price and quality. So it is incredible postal services that take no tax dollars for functioning is the best delivery services that reaches to every address in the country.

Among 155 million industries, houses and has exclusive access to letter boxes and personal letter boxes in the United States. Still it competes against in private package delivery services like the United Parcel Services (UPS). Moreover it has a part to use with the FedEx Express.

In addition to the main advantages are associated with a government-enforced monopoly on the delivery of first class mail. Since the earlier days, many of the direct tax subsidies to the Post Office have reduced in favour of indirect subsidies.

How to working process of USPS Courier tracking package

To track a USPS package will help you to ensure that the items that you send actually get to their destinations on time. Now, USPS offers a wide variety of services that will allow following the packages on every step of the way.

Tracking is a fairly straightforward process, but you do need to familiarize yourself with the various options before you make on your next shipment process.

  • First request signature upon delivery of the package confirmation with your shipment.
  • If you require the recipient only Signature it may wait at the post office, until the recipient can delivery if not at delivery site.
  • Moreover proof and ID card also necessary.
  • Next, you will receive either an emailed or mailed confirmation of delivery from the USPS.
  • If the receiver had requested that the shipment sent to be alternative site like would be informed preciously where the final deliver has made.
  • The cost is an additional $1.35 for an emailed receipt and $2.70 for the mailed receipt.
  • Go to the USPS Website – In general search box on the sites homepage will also track the packages. If you enter the information here.
  • Next, type the track number into the search box and then press the enter key
  • To find out the current status of your shipment.
  • Receive on confirmation of your delivery status through mail or email. You will be able to receive your confirmation of delivery and you requested this service.

usps courier tracking service

Services offered by USPS Tracking

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Now it has the largest vehicle fleet in the world with over 617,000 employees and 211,000 vehicles. With all the services having specialization the USPS is the best in the USA to provide mailing facilities to the customer.

  • First Class Mail

It is the most popular mailing services is suitable for all types of customers. As per the package size of the prices may vary and its limitation up to 32kgs.

In mailing services, the customer is provided with different options such as standard post, Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail and more. By using any of the facility to the customer can send the package.

  • International Mail

It is offered outside the U.S. followed by the USPS international tracking facility to the customers. In this service, they are different facilities like Global Express Guaranteed (1-3 business days), Priority Mail Express (3-5 business days), and Priority Mail (6-10 business days).

  • USPS Express Mail

It is very fast and reliable and it has insurance cheaper than on priority mail. So it is best option for expensive packages. Its size limitation maximum length is usually 36 inches.

  • USPS Priority Mail

It is slow as well as cheaper mail services compared to the Express mail. It is offered with track and trace facility and size limitation of the package is 42 inches maximum length.

Types of USPS Tracking

USPS tracking provides in two different ways as following below.

  1. Retail USPS Tracking
  1. Electronic USPS Tracking

usps courier tracking packages

Retail USPS Tracking

USPS retails rates USPS tracking at this various Post Offices. All you need to do simply filling up a Postal services form 152. So, this is available at the customer desk of the post office. Lets you check the status of your article by entering into the code online at USPS track and Confirm page.

Electronic USPS Tracking

Electronic United State Postal Services is the another process for USPS tracking. It includes the electronic USPS tracking on the package which you wish to deliver for free for all mail classes.