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What is USPS?

The United States Postal Service shortly termed as USPS. This is also known as the Post Office, Postal Service or U.S Mail. USPS is an individual agency of the United States providing portal services to the customers. This agency was formed 45 years ago i.e. on 1st July, 1971. The headquarters of UPSC is located at Washington.D.C. A huge number of employees are working for this agency. As per the calculations on 13th January, 2016 around 625,113 employees in USPS. The agency executives include two persons Postmaster general and Deputy Postmaster General.

usps certified mail tracking

Megan Brennan and Ronald A.Stroman are the postmaster and deputy postmaster. Postal clauses of the United States Constitution are the agency’s key document. www.USPS.com is the agency official website.

The USPS provides various services for the customers of the United States. When you enter your 35 digit tracking number separated by commas then all the services and guidelines offered by the agency are displayed.

USPS Certified Mail Tracking:

Through online we can track the mailings efficiently and easily without any difficulty. A certified mail receipt is provided. Products are made available only in packages of about 10 orders. And one order equals to 10 forms. You should have full knowledge about the products. At the time of making delivery a code is granted for every product. Based on that code the customer can easily track the product.

USPS International Mail Services

USPS International Mail Services:

One more service granted by USPS is international priority mail services. These services are fast, reliable and affordable. The International delivery is done more than about 180 countries and also gets free shipping supplies. The best part of the service is that there is no weighing and calculation needed. It gets easy to pay the rent for the Flat Rate boxes or envelopes depending upon the desired destination. The calculation of the shipping cost for the international shipments is further made using the international price calculator and not the regular one.